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Avanlite Limited

was established in 2012 with headquarters in Hong Kong, as one of the pioneers in LED lighting business. We aim to be the most competitive, high-end, lighting solution provider.

We use the most advanced design tools and automation systems available, both for the design and the production, operated by an extremely skilled and continuously trained staff.

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Avanlite Core Service and Product

Supply and Install

General Lighting

Effect lighting control system supply and install

Effect Lighting

IOT Smart Lighting Control System

Smart Lighting

Energy Saving & Lighting System Design

Lighting Consultant

Master Class LED Display Products

We Sales Indoor & Outdoor LED Wall,  Mega Size LED Display, 3-dimensional indoor LED display systems, Floor Led Screen

Enlight Everything

High-tech LED screens

Supplies LED panel display for the commercial advertisement media market, including transparent LED display, flexible/pop-up LED media display unit, circular LED display, standard fixed installation large scale LED media display for commercial events and sport centres, etc.

LED Display


Stage Lighting Solution

We supplies european and inland well-known stage lightings and control system for a complete Stage Lighting solutions.

Your Best Lighting Solution Provider

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Stage Lighing Solutions

– Professional Stage Lighting Solutions Team for designing and installation

– Digital lighting luminaires for entertainment and stage applications

– Architectural lighting controllers

– Computer-controlled lighting consoles and networking components

– Moible and Desktop Lighting Control System

Stage Lighting