The handrails of escalators, moving walkers etc currently in use may cause huge sanitation problems due to various germs and viruses from countless passengers. Without remodeling previous facilities, the product can be installed by simple attachment to sterillize germs and viruses, and improve the sanitary environment.

Clearwin Job Reference
CLEARWIN UVC Handrail Sterilizer


  • Black & white
  • Simple design
  • Composed of a lamp, housing, and power supply
  • L shape protection
  • Fixed material
  • UV sterilization to all bacteria
  • Easily installed even when the escalator is in motion

Product Information

Product name ClearWin Warranty period One year
UV lamp 0.5~6.5W Manufacturer LG Innotek
Product size 130x220x260mm Country of manufacture Korea
Product weight 1.5Kg Patent Handrail UV sterilizing device


Install anywhere:

  • Airports
  • Hospitals
  • Campus
  • Shopping Malls
  • Subway Stations
Clearwin Application