AvanIoT Water Leakage Detection System

IoT 物聯網漏水檢測糸統

Protecting Your Properties

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Water Disaster

Always unexcepted leakage or flooding and cause serious damage to your assets and high fixing cost .


Get out of hand!


The losses were heavy!


Resulted in injuries!

Legal Liability

Lost money, time & reputation!

avaniotsystem AvanIoT Actuator Valve AvanIoT Water Leakage Sensor

AvanIoT IoT Water Leakage

Detection System can help you!

If the flood warning can be immediately notified to the official, the loss can be minimized.

Solution :

By using suitable IoT sensors to monitor the high risks area, instantly notify your frontline with a push message, as well as we could control your fresh and flush water supply by an actuator valve.

AvanIoT Water Leakage Detection Sensor 漏水檢測傳感器

Dedicated spot water sensors to the area you want to monitor. It will only be triggered by flooding, not by moisture.

  • DC Input, Battery usage  (Also Support AC Input)

  • Light Weight

  • Wireless Communication

  • Easy for Wall Mount

  • Battery Lifespan 1-1.5 Years (Dc Version)

avaniot-water-leakage-sensor-photo0 AvanIoT Water Leakage Detection Sensor Water Leakage Probe Head


Commercial Building / Hospital / Shopping Mall / Museum / Clubhouse

AvanIoT Actuator Valve 水管智能閥門

Immediate Valve closure will action after receiving signal from gateway. The valve will auto close the water supply of that floor. The valve could be released in the UI, after your staffs have controlled the situations.

  • Real-time valve closing

  • AC power

  • Valve Self Inspection

  • Fully sealed, IP65 Specification

  • Valve passes to SINTEF (NS-EN 13828) Test

  • WSD Accepted Pipes and Fittings – General Acceptance Brass Valve ½” ¾”, 1″ .are available (Drinking Water) Bronze Valve ½”, ¾” are available (Flush / Sea Water)

avaniot-actuator-valve-photo00 AvanIoT Actuator Valve

Real Time Notification

Once trigger sensor, Push message will be sent

Leakage Alert will pop up in the Web system

Push Whatsapp Alert will be sent to front line staff

Management Platform

Web-based management platform, accessibility across pc, mac, linux and moible devices for users

Realtime Monitor for all AvanIoT Devices

Push Message when triggered

Real-time Notification

Alert Log

Activity Log Sheet

Monitoring & Stability

We monitor connections – Gateway, Sensor, Network

System software auto-reboot when system halts

Power suspension – Auto power on when power is back within 3min

Case Study

Water Leakage sensor installed on washroom and pipe room for each floor.

Individual server 24hr monitoring in control room.

Battery Level will be shown on screen.

Leakage Alert will pop up and record in the system.

Real Time Valve Closing (auto or manual operation), cut off the water flow from the pipe.

Push Whatsapp Alert will be sent to front line staff.