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Can PureAir air purifiers be run 24 hours a day?2020-04-27T22:51:47+08:00

PureAir air purifiers are designed to be run continually, 24 hours a day, with no need to monitor them. In many instances the pollutants in your indoor space can be adequately addressed by running the unit part time.

What kind of maintenance is involved on PureAir air cleaners?2020-04-27T22:51:07+08:00

PureAir air purifier virtually maintenance-free. On the smaller units (models 50LV, P100, P300, PA500) there is nothing to maintain unless the Device is located in a very dusty or smoky area, then we recommend opening the unit up once in a while and wiping off the ultraviolet lamp with a soft cloth, Some accumulations on the bulb (i.e., chemicals from tobacco smoke) may require rubbing alcohol to remove. On our larger units (model PR500, PZ, SP series) the small stainless steel mesh filter on the back of the unit may accumulate dust and may need to be clean up by a vacuum cleaner.

Are there filters that need to be replaced?2020-04-27T22:50:17+08:00

There are no expensive filters to be replaced on PureAir air purifiers. By comparison, HEPA filters can cost from $60 to $120 a year to replace. In PureAir units, all that ever needs replacement is a special ultraviolet lamp that should be replaced annually, at a cost of approximately $36, depending upon unit size.

How expensive are the units to operate?2020-04-27T22:49:51+08:00

The average operating costs for a PureAir air purifier are about 3 to 4 cents per day. Our unique SafeVolt Technology is efficient and economical; by comparison, some air filters can cost $10 – $30 a month to operate, plus the cost of replacement filters.

Since PureAir air purifiers do not rely on air filters, how do they clean the air?2020-04-27T22:38:30+08:00

PureAir air purifiers clean the air in 2 ways, inside and outside of the unit. Air inside the purification chamber is exposed to intense germicidal UV (UVGI) light that produces a purifying plasma. This destroys bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other pollutants (including unpleasant odors). This ‘ultra-pure’ air then carries the purifying plasma and its purifying results to the air and surfaces throughout your home or office. See the Technology section for more details on the synergistic components of this purification process.

How effective are PureAir air purifiers on tobacco or cigarette smoke?2020-04-27T22:37:40+08:00

There are two components to tobacco smoke:

1) The smoke itself, which is actually an airborne particulate mass; and

2) the chemical fumes and odors.

PureAir’s negative ions and photoelectrons help remove the smoke particulate from the air, while the highly active oxygen atoms and purifying hydroxyls that make up the PureAir Purifying Plasma actually neutralize the chemical fumes and destroy the odors. There should be a noticeable improvement if the right sized unit is employed. It should be noted that a more powerful or larger unit is recommended for use in dwellings with cigarette or cigar smokers.

Will the unit remove smoke and other odors from clothing furniture?2020-04-27T22:36:16+08:00

Yes, but depending upon how saturated the fabric is, it may take anywhere from 1 to 48 hours.

Do the units work to get rid of mold and mildew?2020-04-27T22:35:22+08:00

Yes. The ultra-violet light will kill mold spores that enter the unit, and the purifying plasma that is circulated by the unit is also fungicidal, meaning it will kill fungi like mold and mildew.

Do these units produce nitric oxide?2020-04-27T22:34:41+08:00

Since PureAir units use UV light to produce ozone, and not the corona discharge method, no nitric oxides or contingent substances are produced.

Are some people over-sensitive to ozone?2020-04-27T22:34:06+08:00

About 2% of the population do exhibit hypersensitivity to ozone, to varying degrees. Even the extremely low levels of ozone present in our purifying plasma may produce symptoms of over-ozonization in these individuals.

How will a PureAir air purifiers work with other filtration or air cleaning devices I already use?2020-04-27T22:33:30+08:00

It is a great idea. The different units will only compliment each other, reducing the contaminant load on each unit and making each more effective than if used alone.

Is there any research supporting the effectiveness of PureAir air purifiers?2020-04-27T22:32:50+08:00

In addition to volumes of research supporting the use of ultraviolet light, ozone and other active oxygen atoms, hydroxyl radicals, negative ions, and plasmas in air and surface purification, PureAir has independent test results to support the effectiveness of its units

How can I tell if the PureAir air purifiers is really working?2020-04-27T22:32:13+08:00

This depends on your individual circumstances. Concerning the elimination of unpleasant odors, improvement could be noticeable within minutes – or results could take several hours. People with allergies and hay fever should see a marked improvement in a very short period of time. People with animals in their homes should also be able to notice a dramatic reduction in pet odors within hours. Many health benefits, however, are less overt and can only be noticed and evaluated over longer periods of time.

Sometimes, though, people do not report a difference in their air when using one of our purifiers. In these instances, what happens is that people become so accustomed to an odor or quality of air that they don’t even realize that their home or office has an odor – they’ve simply gotten used to it. With these people, there is often no ‘shock’ of immediate improvement that they can ascertain. And, as the unit begins to work, they also adjust to the steady improvement in air quality.

Usually, though, once they get used to clean, pure air, they do notice a difference if they stop using the PureAir unit. All the old odors usually return pretty quickly, and are extremely noticeable. That’s why we often have customers who have a unit in their homes for a few weeks, return it because they didn’t notice a difference, and then call us back a few days later because the old pollutants have returned – and they notice that!

How do I figure out what model is best for me?2020-04-27T22:31:43+08:00

In general, the area (volume, 9’ celling are assumed) covered is listed with the product description, This is just a baseline estimate. If you have allergies, pets, or smokers in your home or office, you may actually need the next larger unit. For a 2000 sq.ft. home with pets, a PR500 would be suitable. If, additional, members of the household smoke, the additional unit may be required.

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