ClearWin – FAQ’s2021-12-13T17:30:22+08:00
Is there a risk of long dress sucking in?2020-04-28T23:22:41+08:00
  • The gap between the belt and Clearwin is designed to be 4mm.
  • The motion motor inside is protected by an outer case. The gap between the belt is designed to be 3mm.
  • Any object blocked the pathway inside Clearwin is designed to a power suspension.
Is there a risk that Clearwin will scratch the belt?2020-04-28T23:23:04+08:00
The design of the gap to the belt is 4mm. When the escalator is running, vibration of the belt is observed. A lap run test will be perform during installation to maintain there is a minimum 4mm gap between Clearwin and the belt.
How is the sterilizer performance?2020-04-28T23:23:12+08:00
As mentioned, 5sec screening could kill over 99% of bacteria and virus. However the escalator is running in a constant speed. From a before and after test report, It needs screening 30runs to reach a 97%, depends on the escalator running speed, approx. 10-15min after rolling could reach over 99% sanitary.
Is there a risk of electricity leakage?2020-04-28T23:23:21+08:00
Clearwin require to transform the motion from the escalator belt into energy to light up the UV LED. DC output 8-10V depends on the speed of escalator. It is very safe.
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