This depends on your individual circumstances. Concerning the elimination of unpleasant odors, improvement could be noticeable within minutes – or results could take several hours. People with allergies and hay fever should see a marked improvement in a very short period of time. People with animals in their homes should also be able to notice a dramatic reduction in pet odors within hours. Many health benefits, however, are less overt and can only be noticed and evaluated over longer periods of time.

Sometimes, though, people do not report a difference in their air when using one of our purifiers. In these instances, what happens is that people become so accustomed to an odor or quality of air that they don’t even realize that their home or office has an odor – they’ve simply gotten used to it. With these people, there is often no ‘shock’ of immediate improvement that they can ascertain. And, as the unit begins to work, they also adjust to the steady improvement in air quality.

Usually, though, once they get used to clean, pure air, they do notice a difference if they stop using the PureAir unit. All the old odors usually return pretty quickly, and are extremely noticeable. That’s why we often have customers who have a unit in their homes for a few weeks, return it because they didn’t notice a difference, and then call us back a few days later because the old pollutants have returned – and they notice that!