Project Description

AvanIoT Actuator Valve 水管智能閥門

Immediate Valve closure will action after receiving signal from gateway. The valve will auto close the water supply of that floor. The valve could be released in the UI, after your staffs have controlled the situations.

  • Real-time valve closing

  • AC power

  • Valve Self Inspection

  • Fully sealed, IP65 Specification

  • Valve passes to SINTEF (NS-EN 13828) Test

  • WSD Accepted Pipes and Fittings – General Acceptance Brass Valve ½” ¾”, 1″ .are available (Drinking Water) Bronze Valve ½”, ¾” are available (Flush / Sea Water)

avaniot-actuator-valve-photo00 AvanIoT Actuator Valve